Performance Inspired Design

Our design approach focuses on delivering unique environments that perform to maximize operational efficiency, environmental responsiveness and end-user achievement. Incomparable Service: Our culture of incomparable service evolves from each employee's uninhibited eagerness to perform in a manner that consistently exceeds client expectations.


SHADOW has been providing professional architectural planning and design services for years. The firm's approach to architectural design is to effectively facilitate a collaborative, consensus-generating design process that produces customized, purpose-specific building environments that enhance end-user performance and maintains strict control of budget and schedule objectives. INTERIOR DESIGN We believe that good design and a high-functioning environment is a necessary component of good business. Our commitment to this philosophy enables us to provide our clients with a service that address each client’s unique real estate needs. In today’s technology-driven work environment, SHADOW help link design theory to physical conditions. We provide design solutions that enable change. As our clients move forward, new challenges emerge. Our goal is to lead organizations in resolving complex real estate business decisions by asking smart questions, offering options, and executing choices in the most intelligent way. We build in flexibility and room for change as part of our interior designs.

Landscape Design

SHADOW combines a passion for plant materials and for the history of landscape architecture to create designs that evolve from a site’s cultural and physical environment. Each design is informed by a site’s geography, ecology, and history. Spatial organization is created by focusing on the movement of people through a place, how a series of spaces is connected, how objects and materials frame and form the proportions of a project. Aesthetic sensitivity is balanced by an interest in the symbolic nature of the built environment and a commitment to sustainable landscape design.

Urban Design

We follow a place-based, integrated systems approach to inform our master plans and urban design strategies. This ensures that our solutions are economically viable while being socially and environmentally responsive. We collaborate with clients, stakeholders, partners and diverse project team members ranging from soil scientists to software engineers. By setting specific goals and building consensus, we can ensure a successful process from design conception through construction.

Structure Engineering

We are integral members of the design team, from concept through construction, helping to successfully deliver many of the firm’s highest-profile projects. Our creative process integrates design and building physics to address today’s environmental and economic challenges while preparing our clients for the future. SHADOW engineering solutions increase occupant comfort, optimize energy-efficient outcomes and reduce life-cycle costs. By using sophisticated, next-generation design tools and collaborating with our architectural colleagues to enhance the vision for a project, we contribute to great design and create high-performance, cost-effective environments.

Graphic Design

As architectural graphic designers, architects, and storytellers, SHADOW Design has made the core focus of our work to create graphic design for the built environment, or Architectural Graphic Design. Through the skillful understanding of branding, place making, architectural, interior design, and graphic design, SHADOW is proud to successfully develop innovative and exciting ways to visually communicate the richness of character and a spirit of place. SHADOW works to skillfully communicate the authenticity and uniqueness of the brand into an architectural graphics and signage system that identifies a project character and reinforces its personality through the signage, way finding, and specialty graphics. Through our training as designers and architects and with the expertise of successful branding and graphic design, the team at SHADOW is highly experienced at integrating graphic design into the built environment that truly connects people to place.

Electro-Mechanical Service

SHADOW strives to meet the increased demand on professional Electro Mechanical Contractors in many countries, and to provide a professional and long-term partnership with clients who believe that professionalism and quality is not a luxury but rather a must in any project, whether commercial, residential, industrial or public. Our mission is to establish a close cooperation with our clients which will be the base of the definitive success of the company in meeting its client's demands.


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